Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Safest Man in Babylon

I was told there was shuffleboard!

Noted writer Saddam Hussein, is by all measure the safest man in Iraq. Safely ensconced in a writers/gardeners retreat run by the U.S. armed forces, Mr. Hussein enjoys a level of security that most Iraqis with far fewer talents could only dream of. Nearly 1000 Americans and an untold number of Iraqis have given their lives to ensure that this retreat will continue to offer the generous writing and gardening program that Mr. Hussein has come to enjoy. Efforts to reach Mr. Hussein for comment have gone unanswered, however my sources tell me that he is entirely grateful. Well you're welcome, Mr. Hussein. You're welcome.

Excuse Me?

All hat, no cattle

Possibly highlighting the danger of asking W a substantive question, our fair president apparently now believes that the U.S. can't win the "war on tahr". Umm okay. This will come as news to those men and women dodging bullets in Iraq. I guess they can come home now. W's words of course have been interpreted to mean something else a bit more in line with the Republican party platform.

Monday, August 30, 2004


An Army of One?

. . . And so the trial resumes for America's most notorious dominatrix Lyndie England, who, from her dungeon in Iraq's Abu Ghraib, schooled scores of Iraqi's in the fine art of sexual humiliation. If convicted, Ms. England faces up to 38 years in federal prison, proving at least that "Yes, Virginia. There are limits to the war on terror."

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Is You Is or Is You Ain't

Africa, Country or Continent?

The NY Times has an interesting piece about the struggle to define who is and who isn't an "African-American". The upshot being that American born Blacks often fail to consider actual Africans in America as falling under that rubric. The funny thing is that the conflict highlights the quintessential American-ness of most African-Americans in their failure to expand their world view to incorporate information outside their own experience. This my-pain-hurts-more-than-your-pain dance is captured in this ridiculous quote from the great Mr. Alan Keyes:

"My ancestors toiled in slavery in this country," Mr. Keyes said. "My consciousness, who I am as a person, has been shaped by my struggle, deeply emotional and deeply painful, with the reality of that heritage."

In classic American fashion, oppression ain't oppression without an American seal of approval.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

The Late Great John Lee Hooker

A Democrat Man

Showing the wisdom of the ages, or perhaps just further evidence that the more things change, the more they bloody well stay the same, I came across a song by John Lee Hooker a few days ago called "Democrat Man" off his 1960 album "That's My Story: John Lee Hooker Sing the Blues". Basically, in less than four minutes, Hooker is able to formulate more of campaign message for John Kerry than the man himself. Of course, Hooker has a somewhat skewed view of the political dynamic but I think we can cut the bluesman some slack. See below:

"Democrat Man"

Democrat put us on our feet, these crazy women they vote them out
Democrat put us on our feet, these crazy women they voted them out
I don't think they make the same mistake, they won't make the same mistake no more
They told them, "Ah, send your sons home",
they did just that, they send them home to stay without a job
They won't make that same mistake no more

Democrat put us on our feet, these crazy women they vote them out
I ain't goin' down, I ain't goin' down, no I ain't, I ain't goin' down to the welfare store,
It won't be long, 'fore the democrats be back in again,
I know the girls, I know the girls, I know the girls
You girls ain't gon' make that same mistake again no more, I know you ain't,
the men vote them in and the women , the women vote them out

I ain't got no shoes, no shoes
(spoken: But I ain't goin' to that welfare store.
You know why?
It won't be long 'fore election time,
democrats be in)

I know I get shoes, I get clothes, when the democrats get back in again
Vote them, they vote them in, I'm a democrat man, I'm a democrat man
Please, please don't be no fool no more
Hmm, hmm I ain't goin' down to that welfare store
It won't be long, whoa yeah
I'm a democrat , I'm a democrat man
And I'll be until the day I die

Fear and Loathing in NYC

This weekend marks the start of the Republican National convention set, for cynical reasons of course, in my fair city of New York. The coronation of King George is set to happen sometime later next week but the party is well underway already.

The calm before the storm

Meanwhile, somewhere in Cuba, a handful of brown people are being put on some sort of trial, for trying to overthrow the United States from a landlocked region in central Asia. Fear not, though. It's morning in america.


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