Monday, November 08, 2004


It's funny how names force themselves into our (American) consciousness. This year it is Falluja. I think it is meant to take over the space in my head that is still rather tentatively being rented by Kandahar. Something tells me Kandahar will be moving soon (if it hasn't vacated already). Its bags already packed and waiting in the lobby. Such is the luxury of being an American. Places don't matter so much as names and the names don't matter all that much either when you get down to it. No one I know plans on visiting Falluja, or even Kandahar. The ones I know tend to go places that aren't on the target list. And there are even more Americans who won't even go to these. Which is to say that maybe one day Cancun will be Kandahar. And yet there are currently several hundred thousand people right now for whom Falluja is a very real place. A great deal of them will be killed for little more than the bad luck of being in the "wrong" place, one that doesn't even exist for those tasked with the job of making it Kandahar.


Blogger emily0 said...

i think maybe you mean 'one day kandahar will be cancun'. because we can visit and not be in a warzone. cancun was once a warzone, and only like a century ago.

but i digress. i meant to say that all my life i've wanted to visit iraq. i mean, the birth of human civilization in the west is there. i am a scholar of languages and cultures; i study akkadian (babylonian and assyrian) and sumerian and the like, and besides, from what i've learnt over my life iraq is gorgeous. (i hear iran is nicer, but i can't speak to that.)

gorgeous, full of some of the oldest ruins of human civilisation, and still as unreachable now as ever. both sides have been destroying historic sites, intentionally and unintentionally, and looting is rampant.

i think this comment of mine is random and tangential, but i thought it worth expressing.

also, you might notice i liked your interview... it's linked on our website.

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