Thursday, November 04, 2004

Post Election Analysis

Having spent yesterday in what can best be described as a deep depression brought on by the resounding defeat of John Kerry, I can now offer up my two cents of analysis that you won't get from the talking heads and politicos on the nations airwaves.

If you want to know why the Democrats have consistently been losing national support since the mid-sixties you need look no further than the Voting Rights Act of 1964. Signed into law by Lyndon Johnson, the Act federally guaranteed voting rights to African-Americans. In doing so, Johnson essentially married his Democratic Party to African-Americans in the eyes of the South. Southern whites immediately began shifting their allegiance to the Republican party which was more than happy to accommodate them.

As the analysts attempt the inevitable post election analysis of what went wrong, they consistently overlook or downplay the effect the Voting Rights Act. Why? Because at its heart is the issue of race in America and Americans are nothing if not extremely skittish about any talk of race politics. This works to the Republicans advantage. They are allowed to talk about God, Gays, and Guns when ultimately it's really all about Blacks. The one thing that unifies so-called "Red America" is a belief that social programs, which the erroneously assume to be for the sole benefit of African-Americans, are too expensive and unneeded.

The Democratic party needs to get itself reaquainted with the country it purports to lead. It needs to realize that no candidate from the Northeast is ever going to win the presidency. It needs to stop trying prove that theorem wrong because it is quickly becoming a hard and fast rule. They need to get used to it. That means no Hillary; no Cuomo; no Schumer; no anybody from their current stable of high profile politicos. In short, they need a Southerner and they don't have one. They'd better spend the next year looking for one.


Blogger c said...

I thought Red America were the Indians? Oh, that's before they wiped them out and took the land. Got it.

5:56 PM  
Blogger mythrandir said...

Has John Edwards' name been too tarnished by Kerry?

12:59 PM  
Blogger emily0 said...

wait - bush is from the northeast, plus he went to yale and harvard. that accent of his is fake - don't know how people buy it, it's a ringer even to my bostonian ears. texas was always his vacation home. he's from the same extended family as kerry!

i think that what is more important for the democrats is that the republicans are going to frell this country up so badly that they can lose their margin of popularity. not my choice, given that i live here, but that's gonna be just as crucial in these kinds of politics as anything else is.

2:27 PM  

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