Sunday, January 30, 2005

Baghdad's Best Whorehouse

How's this for a turnabout, a Japanese woman who first ventured to Iraq as a human shield back in the dark ages before the Iraq fiasco, has opened the city's best whorehouse. This from the ASG:
"A Japanese woman called Yukiko Muragishi came to Iraq with her friends to act as a human shield and stayed there when the war had finished. She stayed because, inside Baghdad's Green Zone being protected by the U.S. military, she is running a whorehouse for U.S. servicemen and Iraqi politicians and it has made her very rich. All you Islamic leaders in your palaces in the Green Zone, your prayers are worthless as long as American soldiers are playing around in brothels," Shukan Shincho quotes an article listed on the Iraqi Communist Party's website last month.
Yukiko Muragishi, the madam in question has this to say for herself:
"It's true that I did run a massage parlor in the Green Zone from April to September last year. I'm also aware that there were snide rumors about the place being spread. But I want to state emphatically that there were never sexual services offered there. If there had been, the U.S. military would have expelled me," Muragishi tells Shukan Shincho, going on to explain why she opened a massage parlor for American servicemen. "Right after the war ended, I had the chance to talk to loads of American soldiers. Many were traumatized by what they'd had to do. To try and rid themselves of this feeling, they'd try and justify their actions. They often got so wound up with their justifications, you couldn't shut them up. The more I came in contact with American military members, the more I realized they were the victims of war, too. I wanted to do something to help them. The idea I came up with to do so was to provide them with therapeutic massages."
Well there you have it. She did it for the troops . . .


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