Thursday, January 27, 2005

Cairo's Baby Mama Drama

In yesterday's NY Times is the fascinating story of Hind el-Hinnawy, an upper-class Egyptian woman who has the nerve to assert that her baby's daddy, a well known religious personality, claim his child.
By filing suit, Ms. Hinnawy did more than just shatter a social taboo. She may well set an Egyptian legal precedent by requesting that the court order Mr. Fishawy to submit to a DNA test to establish whether he is the father of young Leena, born in October with a shock of soft black hair. DNA testing is relatively novel here, never before used to prove paternity in court. (NY Times)
While situations such as these are oldhat to hiphop afficianados, Cairenes, who generally pretend all women are virgins until their wedding night (ha!), are aghast at Ms. el-Hinnawy's refusal to go quietly. The Crossfader applauds Hind's ability to call a spade a spade.


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