Monday, January 31, 2005

Cosby Cops a Feel

I guess it was bound to happen but damn Bill. Otro vez?:
Following Bill Cosby’s voluntary meeting with investigators last week probing allegations of “inappropriate fondling” brought by a Canadian woman, both ABC News and “Celebrity Justice” have confirmed reports that the comedian has admitted to having sexual contact with his accuser, but that it was entirely consensual.

“We're told that Cosby, who has become a controversial figure lately due to his stern lectures on African American family values, characterized the sexual encounter as ‘not intercourse,’ and that it involved primarily touching,” reports “CJ.”

Sources also tell the show that the woman contacted Cosby months after the encounter asking him for tickets for her and her family to his performance at Casinorama, north of Toronto. According to “CJ,” Cosby obliged, leaving their tickets at the Will Call window.

As previously reported, the woman worked for the Temple University women's basketball team at the time of the incident. Her lawyers tell "CJ" that Cosby gave the woman what she believed to be "herbal" pills of some sort and that she was "legally incapacitated" when she says Cosby fondled her at his mansion in suburban Philadelphia. (EurWeb)


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