Tuesday, January 25, 2005

David Brooks, Man-boy Lost in Times Square

Poor David Brooks. He's over there at the NY Times bereft of anything to talk about. The ridiculous socio-political observations are all taken by Thomas Friedman and so Brooks is left to his own devices, flailing about against the limits of his own intelligence. Thus we get this vaguely marxist-eugenic rant that is as equally incoherent as it is wrong. Only someone of Brooks complexion could state:
The United States is a country based on the idea that a person's birth does not determine his or her destiny. Our favorite stories involve immigrants climbing from obscurity to success. Our amazing work ethic is predicated on the assumption that enterprise and effort lead to ascent. "I hold the value of life is to improve one's condition," Lincoln declared. (NYT)
Will someone introduce Mr. Brooks to a Native-American, African-American, or Mexican-American? Toward the end of the piece, the Brooks delusions reach a fever pitch:
Now, the upper class doesn't so much oppress the lower class. It just outperforms it generation after generation. Now the crucial inequality is not only finance capital, it's social capital. Now it is silly to make a distinction between economic policy and social policy. (NYT)
Of course the fact that the upperclass with its access to the mechanism of government power can secure its advantages at the expence of the less fortunate is lost on Brooks. The upperclass are more successful simply because they "perform" better. Is the man high? What the f-


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