Saturday, January 22, 2005

Hot 97's Slow Boat to "Chinks"

These Negros Sure Are Funny

In an apparent race to the bottom, New York Hot 97's "Miss Jones in the Morning Show" decided to toss its hat in the ring for the D.W. Griffith's "Excellence in Broadcasting" award with an enlightened skit against the one people silly enough to still do business in the ghetto, you guessed it -- Chinese people. From the NY Post:
Yonkers-based Asian Media Watch accuses the WQHT/Hot 97 "Miss Jones in the Morning" show of "repeated racist attitudes" and demands the program's "elimination."

"The host broadcasts a horrifying song that mocks the dead South Asian tsunami victims, uses the racial slurs 'chink' and 'Chinamen,' and calls the drowning victims 'bitches,' " said AMW director Kai Yu in a letter to Hot 97's John Dimick.

Station-owner Emmis Communications issued an apology late yesterday.

"We apologize to our listeners and to anyone who was offended," Dimick said. "[The show's entire seven-person staff] has agreed to contribute one-week's pay to the tsunami-relief efforts."

Rather than offer some constructive opinion on perhaps the worst catastrophe in the last hundred years, the good people at Hot 97 decided that the best thing to do is to let the negros laugh. Thanks Hot 97. You rock!


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