Sunday, January 16, 2005

Power 105.1 Puts on the Blackface (or further thoughts on Star & Bucwild)

After a short absence, Star & Bucwild will return to New York tomorrow. This time appearing on the Power 105.1 instead of their former home on Hot 97. Power 105.1 is owned by Clear Channel. You may remember Clear Channel for their patriotic stance against the Dixie Chicks nearly two years ago or, more recently, for their move to get Howard Stern kicked off the air. But one of the little known gems of ClearChannel is its history of racist and bigoted DJ's who always seems to find a home at the company. The much talked about call to India is in keeping with the company's policy of racist, bigotted pranks that are its mainstay. Which makes the Star & Bucwild show all the more amusing for what it does and does not say about hip hop and Black America.

ClearChannel allows these guys to do what they do because it is safe and it allows a certain segment of the African-American community to laugh at the latest cast of non-whites who will in short order outperform us. We can rest assured that Star & Bucwild know who signs their $17M checks. All of which is to say, prank calls to India "good", prank calls questioning the war in Iraq "bad."


Blogger Pencopal said...

I struggle with thinking that their banter is terrible, and thinking that I'd rather hear people of color say those things more than Howard Stern.

2:56 PM  

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