Thursday, January 06, 2005

Star & Bucwild Go to India

Massa I's Funny

Recently on Philadelphia Power 99 FM, everyone's favorite shockjocks Star & Bucwild contacted a call center in India to sling a few racial epithets over the airwaves for good measure. I guess it was supposed to be funny. There were people laughing. Then again certain people will find a circumcision funny. That a Black man can make a fool of himself absent any prodding is one of those wonderful discoveries that is, more often than not, just a gangsta rap away. Thus one gets used to the myriad ways in which hip hop culture dumbs itself down long before the "Man" can put a price tag on it.

And so it is that the people I admire in this endeavor are these people at ClearChannel who own Power 99FM (and every other "Black" thing on the radio). I admire them because there is a certain sad beauty in a Black man cracking wise against a call center in India. It is the beauty of a system providing the illusion of rebellion in the face of the diminishing returns of a joke that is ultimately on all of us. That Star & Bucwild don't understand this is hardly surprising. They are merely pawns in a system that bought and sold them long before they had their morning coffee.

Massa good ain't he? And it must be contagious.