Sunday, January 23, 2005

Thomas Friedman, American Dumbass

Ah, yet another useless Thomas Friedman oped. Um, let' see all European muslims are fundamentalist right? Because apparently those are the only ones listed in the Nutcase Muslim Phonebook that Friedman picked up at Orly Airport. It would have been way too difficult to, uh I dunno, look up the leader of Le Mouvement Ni putes ni soumises because that internet thing is tricky. Instead we get:
I spent Friday morning interviewing two 18-year-old French Muslim girls in the Paris immigrant district of St.-Ouen. (It is about a mile from the school where in March 2003 a French Muslim girl, who had refused the veil and rebuffed the advances of a Muslim boy, was thrown into a garbage can by three Muslim teenagers, who then tossed lighted cigarette butts into the can and closed the lid.)

Both girls I interviewed wore veils and one also wore a full Afghan-like head-to-toe covering; one was of Egyptian parents, the other of Tunisian parents, but both were born and raised in France. What did I learn from them? That they got all their news from Al Jazeera TV, because they did not believe French TV, that the person they admired most in the world was Osama bin Laden, because he was defending Islam, that suicide "martyrdom" was justified because there was no greater glory than dying in defense of Islam, that they saw themselves as Muslims first and French citizens last, and that all their friends felt pretty much the same. (NY Times)

Thanks, Tom, for bringing your usual bag of lazy cliches to an already crowded table.


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