Monday, February 14, 2005

Amina Wadud's Unforgiveable Blackness

My friend Ahmed Nassef's MWU has good piece by Tarek Fatah on Prof. Amina Wadud speech before Toronto's Noor Cultural Center. Amid a sea of hecklers, Ms. Wadud stood her ground and pointed to 2000lb elephant in the room, namely Arab/Muslim bias toward Black Africans. Asked why she was being heckled, Ms. Wadud stated:
"Usually I wear the hijab, and when I am wearing it, most Muslims do not consider me African–American; I pass off as a South Asian, but when they see me without a scarf, they can see my African locks and they know I am Black and suddenly their attitude changes. The fact is I am a nigger and you will just have to put up with my blackness."
Amen to that sister.


Blogger luckyfatima said...

The rude and unruly people who heckled Dr. Wadud during her speech were way out of line. However, rather than rise above them and ignore their insults, Dr. Wadud chose to antagonize the crowd even more. No one called her the n-word. She called herself one for shock value. No one dislikes her for being a black woman. They dislike her for having a different understanding of Islam, especially in reference to woman's roles. She should realize that saying things like "I disagree with the Quran" to a group of mostly conservative traditionalist Muslims IS obviously going to elicit a strong reaction in the negative.
The Indian man who said that he knows what discrimination feels like was trying to support her and empathize with her. But with her overly defensive and antagonistic personality, she beat him down by telling him not to compare being black with being Indian. Amina needs to wake up. In this day and age there is a lot more support and understanding for blacks who are subjected to discrimination. For an immigrant Indian or Asian, or any "foreign" looking person (not-black or white American) there is very little in terms of a network of support, and it is basically acceptable to discriminate against them without repercussions in many everyday situations.
I'm thinking of my highschool. If any non-black person would ever think of saying the n-word in a derogatory way, that person would be thought of as an idiot and a racist and probably get his ass kicked and everyone, black and white would be against that person. But I personally know that people can get away with making fun of you to your face in full view of others for appearing foreign without anyone defending you.
And by the way, with or without hijab, Amina does not look like a Pakistani. She probably only thinks she does or was told that by someone who didn't know any better.
I wish Amina would present her views accompanied by more respectable behavior. Then maybe people would give her more credence. I happen to admire her writing and her work. But no one wants to listen to someone who goes around wrongly accusing them of calling her a "nigger" and being upset by her blackness. Gimme a freakin' break. She really has her head up her ass with this one. It drowns out the important issues on her agenda and makes her seem like a sensationalist!

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Blogger crossfader72 said...

thanks lucky, all that for my lil'ol blog. aw shucks.

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