Monday, February 14, 2005

Another "Liberal" Bites the Dust

The Crossfader has to side with (gasp) the Wall Steet Journal on the Eason Jordan fiasco. CNN showed the judgement that we have come to expect from the institutionalized "left" namely, the swift dexterity of a spineless dismount.
[I]t does not speak well of CNN that it apparently allowed itself to be stampeded by this Internet and talk-show crew. Of course the network must be responsive to its audience and ratings. But it has other obligations, too, chief among them to show the good judgment and sense of proportion that distinguishes professional journalism from the enthusiasms and vendettas of amateurs. (WSJ)
Of course this why Fox News continues to each CNN's lunch day in and day out. The so called "left" lacks the cajones to stand and fight because at the end of the day they're scared to lose and yet the irony is they always lose as of late.


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