Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Correction: Amina Wadud is a "Niggah"

In a somewhat meandering rebuttal to Tarek Fateh's piece referred to last week or so, Amina Wadud claims that she did not refer to herself as a "nigger" but rather as the more colloquial "niggah" no doubt taking time to strut her gangsta bona fides at Toronto's Noor Cultural Center. The Crossfader is curious as to why Ms. Wadud chose such a venue as it is has not been previoulsy known for its street credibility. It is unclear whether Ms. Wadud is also a chickenhead. [, ]

Correction: The Crossfader has changed his opinion of Ms. Wadud and now sees her as the courageous woman she is. The earlier comment above was written without a full understanding. Ms. Wadud is perhaps the bravest woman in islam at this moment, the second bravest being the Pakistani woman who rapes by her village elders. For my undated position on Ms. Wadud please read here and here.


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