Thursday, February 24, 2005

Eva Mendes, Black Enough for America

NBC has a curious bit on the casting of Eva Mendes in the latest Will Smith vehicle, "Hitch." Moviegoers may remember Ms. Mendes from her headturning roles opposite Denzel Washington in "Training Day" and "Out of Time." It seems Mendes was chosen to appease an American audience still a bit squeamish at the sight of a Black man macking a white chick. Notice the muted media response stateside to Heidi Klum's marriage to Seal. However, the American market is not ready for Black romance on the big screen either thus enters Eva Mendes, just enough color to keep people reaching for their wallet. Luckily, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela amongs others have a steady supply of "cafes con leche" to protect white womanhood from Ms. Klum's (sometime's Ms. Kidman's) transgressions.[, , ]


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