Saturday, February 26, 2005

This Sucks or How to Write for Slate

Five minutes ago I realized Slate magazine sucked and sucked bad. Trapped in this hipster, trucker hat, nothing-more-three-people-like-can-ever-be-that-good phase of life, it flails around looking for the next big thing to tear down and it's a sad thing to behold. Like realizing that cool friend you had in college is just a scared little soul too afraid to cop to the Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff best of collection under his bed.

In fact, Slate sucks so bad you can write a Slate article without ever having a real opinion of your own. Just take one social phenomenon that's moderately well recieved and find some negative angle that purports to destroy the very reason why the thing was popular in the first place. Sure the first time you read it, it's mildly interesting, but the 3,000,000th time it becomes a tired schtick. [ ]


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