Wednesday, February 23, 2005

US Ends Military Assistance to Togo?

Out there in the "internets" there is a Voice of America report that ends with a statement that the U.S. has announced that it is suspending all military assistance to Togo yet I can't help but wonder (a) what the hell is the U.S. doing providing military aid to a country with less people than NYC and (b) what exactly does this aid consist of, other than ledger entry from the Pentagon to Lockheed Martin? It also begs the question, just what is the U.S. policy toward Togo such that they warrant military aid. [, , ]


Blogger Black River Eagle said...

I'm glad to see a blogger back in the States pickup on the Togo story. I would also be interested to know what type of military assistance the U.S.A. has been providing to the repressive regime of Gnassingbe Eyadema and when? If you can find out drop me a note on my blog.

You can forget about Togo being on Lockheed Martin's customer list, they don't have that kind of money. I would guess that they probably purchase a lot of arms from European suppliers and of course former Soviet countries and people like Viktor Bout.

In regards to the U.S. policy toward Togo you can find that on the U.S. State Department site at the Togo backgrounder page here:

Press statements released by the State Department can be found at the site's menue tabs. Check February 19th for the latest.

According to the information on State's Togo page(s) we backed-off from providing financial assistance to Eyadema's regime back in the 1990's and work with humanitarian programs there either directly or with local NGO's. So the question remains, who in the U.S. has been selling them weapons?

A lot of black folks back in the Americas can (eventually) trace their ancestry back to this area of West Africa. How many people back home know anything about Togo or even where it is (in your opinion, of course)?

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