Saturday, March 12, 2005

Marwa Al-Eifa: Saudi Women Are Punk Ass Bitches*

She's Rich, Beeyatch!

A friend sent me this story. Marwa Al-Eifa is a 25 year old woman of Saudi origin who recently won the Dubai Women's International Rally. She's a racecar driver. Now in Saudi where they are busy sticking their heads up their asses, women aren't allowed to drive. So what would you expect a Saudi female racecar driver to say on the subject? Why she'd be against women driving too of course:“
I did not mean to upset Saudi women by those remarks. All I wanted to say was that they should first prove themselves in society and get the appropriate posts that suit their capabilities and ambitions,” she said. This will eventually lead them to being allowed to drive cars,” she added. (Arab News)
Translation: Daddy lets me drive. You bitches need to work harder. [, ,]

*My Dubai attorney advises that I remind people that this is hyperbole.


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