Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Niger: Slaves? Umm, What Slaves?

From Niger, land o'yellow cake, comes word that slaves, yes slaves, were set to be freed in that backward hell-hole of country when the country's leading human rights spokesperson decided to stick his head up his own ass and declare that there were in fact no slaves in Niger. Now to get your own on special peak at this latest evidence that some parts of Africa are more backward than a one-legged donkey on crack the day before New Years, look no further than here.

Before you cutural relativist get your panties in a bunch, let me just state that I am sick and tired of reading about some whack b.s. coming out of Africa like slavery, raping babies, pulling girls out of school etc.
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Blogger sokari said...

Absolutely agree - keep on exposing this "whack bs" - I posted another story on the same line yesterday. (sorry but your comment wouldnt accept HTML)

3:25 AM  

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