Thursday, March 03, 2005

Syria's Coitus Interuptus

So even the Saudis are telling Syria the jig is up. The winds of change have caught the Syrian de facto royal family somewhat flatfooted. Still content to party like it's 1999, the post-Hariri backlash against Damascus is increasingly deafening. So much so 50 cent now claims to have beef with Bashar Assad based on some alleged dis last week.


Blogger sokari said...

I think the Syrian / Lebanese thing is a lot more complex than this and actually this is a seriously dangerous time for the people of Lebanon, a country I know having lived there for a year. I have been regularly in touch with two friends in Beirut and it turns out that NOW the majority of anti-syrian protestors are Christian Maronoites, the other religious groups (and face it Lebanon IS religious groupings) are now back at home. Already there is sporadic violence between some fo the religious groups. Both friends, one Sunni and one Catholic though neither is at all relgious, attended the Hizbullah rally which was being reported as mainly Shia etc etc. Incidently neither see Hizbullah as a "terrorist" organsiation or militia and both want Syria to leave and not to be replaced by the US who want to impose their and Israel's agenda in the country. You can read their comments under the two Lebanon postings. As I said it is very complex.

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