Friday, March 11, 2005

Uh, Maybe Rape-istan Is Not So Good

So it looks like someone with a brain is at the controls in Pakistan after all. That nuclear country's highest Islamic Court has just tossed the acquittal of five men who were allowed to gang rape a woman for some ridiculous tribal slight, like looking at someone's goat or something. Anyway, the Crossfader welcomes Pakistan into the 21st century.[, , ]

Correction: A reader has rightly pointed out that the woman was sentenced to gang rape by the village elders because her brother was sexually molested by a member of a more powerful tribe and when he said "hey quit shagging me old man", they accused him of having affair with "one of their women." Thus leading us to gang rape-land. So the lesson we take from all this is: In rural Pakistan men shag boys, and when they complain, they gang rape their sisters. Lovely. I assume the goats are safe.


Blogger BintMisr said...

Thank you thecrossfader.

Never stop shaming the shameful ones.

12:50 AM  
Blogger Ariel85 said...

eh brah. girl was raped and abducted on UH campus this week, dumped off next to my dorm. i hear ya loud and clear

7:35 AM  

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